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Chevrolet Vin Decoder

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Joined: Jun 22, 2011
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:09 pm
Post subject: Chevrolet Vin Decoder

http://Chevrolet.autoboardz.com/Chevrolet-VIN-decoder-ftopict231975.html (Chevrolet VIN decoder)
2GTEK13T151163487 I have anice little ford vin decoder, just enter the complete vin, and it spits back the info... anyone have a good resource for an 05 chev truck with the vin above? All I really..
Picasso: For a gear ratio on a GM, you need the "RPO" code. Look in the glove box for a label or sticker with a bunch of codes like A25, ..
glove box has a sticker or th body somewhere has a sticker OR on the rear end a tag is on it "Reed":

http://Chevrolet.autoboardz.com/Decode-Classic-Car-VIN-Decoder-ftopict237567.html (Decode This! Classic Car VIN Decoder)
Hello, I'm the developer of a new Classic Car VIN decoder website named Decode This! ( ) We are a single source for decoding classic American VINs as well as providing detailed information on those ..

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